Day nineteen~

Day nineteen: Another picture of yourself.

Weight loss update!

I weighed myself this morning after washing up and before working out and I found out that I have lost another 1 kg~ Yay! I am now officially 58 kg! Hehe. My waist measurement still maintains at 28 inches though. My ultimate goal is 48 kg with a 26 inch waist~ Still a long way to go~~~

Not much to post here, just an update on my progress so far. ^.^.

Day eighteen~

Day eighteen: Something you crave a lot.

I am a huge fan of dark chocolate~ I mean I love chocolate in general, but dark chocolate is something that I crave for very often ^.^. Ferrero Rondnoir is definitely something that I have been craving for ever since I first ate them in 2009 back when I was still in college.

Both images were obtained from the same site:

Day seventeen~ (Late)

Day seventeen: Your celebrity crush.

Honestly, I don't have a celebrity crush right now. Serious. But if it had to be anyone, I guess David Cook would be pretty much my celebrity crush. I used to have a crush on him but that faded away once I turned 18. Lol.

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Day fifteen & sixteen~ (Late)

Day fifteen: Something you don't leave your house without.

I cannot leave the house without my handphone! >.< It is my phone, alarm, calendar, music & video player and so much more~ Hehe..

Day sixteen: A photo of you and your family.

This is a pretty old photo. We took it about a year ago and I've lost some weight since then ^.^. I have to post up two photos though as I can't find recent photos of all five of us in a shot.

Mum, big sis, me and daddy (2010).
Me, lil' bro and big sis (2010).

Day fourteen~ (Late)

Day fourteen: A TV show you are currently addicted to.

I have to admit: I am a sucker for Pretty Little Liars~!! Especially the character Hanna Marin portrayed by my current favourite actress, Ashley Benson!

Photo credits:
Photo credits:
The show revolves around the lives of four bestfriends; Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery (in order according to the image just above). I just love the plot twists, the character development and also the overall story of the show. It really gives you something to think about. It also makes you question things like secrets, friendships, family, relationships, etc. I won't bore you with the details but to know more just click on the following link. It will lead you to the Pretty Little Liars Wiki :).

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Photo credits:

Photo credits:

Day twelve & thirteen~ (Late)

Day twelve: A photograph of the city you live in.

My beloved hometown: Kota Kinabalu city (formerly known as Jesselton).
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Day thirteen: Your favourite musician and why?

I rarely have a favourite musician since I'm the kind of girl that likes a song more than the singer most of the time :). But among all, I guess one person does come to mind though: David Cook!

David Cook
Photo credits:
The main reason why I love him is his voice. Husky and deep. A voice that makes me melt *melts* Haha! The first song that I heard him sing was "Dream Big" on American Idol. Before that I rarely watched the show. Ever since then, I was hooked. He has a great personality and from the photographs online, I can see that he is a loving person (especially around his family). All in all, he is the whole package ^.^. Voice, looks and heart~ Hehe..

Photo credits:

P.S. Don't worry Momo, I still love you more~ ^.^

Random post~

I don't remember specifically where I got this image from. I just remember that I found it on Google a couple of days ago. Credits to the owner of this image though (even if I can't seem to remember the page T.T).

3 - 2

Today is day 2 of phase three of my weight loss plan (Hence the title of this post 3-phase 3, 2-day two)! Whee~ ^^ Honestly though, I thought of skipping my workout session today. Mainly because I had a killer headache this afternoon. It was probably due to the heat. Huhu. But I decided to wait a bit and in the end the pain subsided and I continued with my workout. Yay! Lol.

I ate pretty much today but all in all before my workout it was about 1283 kcal. Not too much. Hehe. Blame the butter cake! :p. I was woken up today by my love, Momo ^.^. Just getting a text from him is enough to make my entire mood much better (I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep). He's the one person that I cannot seem to get angry at for waking me up before my alarm. Well, him and my besties back in UMS since I tend to oversleep or be late at times. Huhu..Thanks dear besties. Not much to post here but I will probably post up something later. XD.

Day eleven~

Day eleven: What's in your makeup bag?

First off, I don't have a makeup bag. -_-" I know, I know. I'm a 21 year old girl and I don't have a makeup bag?? Honestly, I've never been much of a makeup person. I'm not the type of girl to put on makeup every single time she leaves the house and such. I'll only put on some when there is an occasion. 

But to say that I do not own any makeup would be stretching it a bit since my sis just loves getting them for me. Haha! I think my aunt and her are pretty much frustrated with me not using makeup at this age. I do like makeup, but I  as I said earlier, I don't use it often.

Back to this post, I do not have a makeup bag. But if I were to have one, I'd probably just throw in the usual necessities like black eyeliner, mascara, compact powder, lip gloss and wet tissues. LOL. Wet tissues? Well, yeah. In case your mascara or eyeliner runs? :p

Celebrity inspirations...

I was browsing the internet on news about Pretty Little Liars and my favourite liar, Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), when I went to look up her weight. I was just so inspired and moved by Hanna's story on PLL that I became an immediate fan of Ashley Benson :).

According to the facts online, Ashley Benson is 5'5" (1.66m) and weighs 114 lbs. (51 kg). She's about 2 inches taller than I am and for me to emulate her, I'd need to be at least 47.5 kg! So I went searching for other celebrities that are my height (5'3") and looked up how much they weighed. Lo and behold, I got some new celebrity inspirations!

1. Amanda Seyfried - 108 lbs. (49 kg), 36B-26-33
2. Kelly Osbourne - 118 lbs. (53.6 kg), 32-30-37
3. Emily Procter - 109 lbs. (49.5 kg), 36B-24-34
4. Fergie - 105 lbs. (47.73 kg), 36C-28-38

Okay~~ I might be able to lose the weight to be similar to them but for some of them I do not think I can emulate their figures (body measurements) LOL.

Hot combination (pt. 2)

I know I will never be able to pull of the turtleneck + shorts look like the girls from EXID did but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? Hehe. :) I found other more climate-appropriate and figure-appropriate choices that I could try on once I lost the remaining 11 kg~ Maybe. Hehe..

Photos are taken from Moddeals.

My new bias! Hot combi + inspiration!

Lately I have listening to a song (Every night) by rookie KPop group EXID (pronounce: EE-EX-eed). This is the only song of theirs that I have heard but I am officially in love with it! It has that relaxed, chill kind of groove to it and it sounds super sexy too! Here's a link to the song on Youtube (EXID - Every Night). P.S. I just love Solji's voice!

Aside from this being my favourite song for the moment, I also fell in love with the whole long-sleeved turtleneck tops + high-waisted shorts that these girls pull off. I mean, turtlenecks have never looked so hot before! Definitely a hot combination. Hehe. :)

Right now, I am just in awe not only of Solji's voice but also her figure! Wow! She is stunning at 170 cm and 50 kg..If only I had her figure~~

Solji (Main singer, leader)
Photo credits in order of appearance:


My posts have been all about the 30 days challenge lately and I think it's due time for me to post something totally not related to it. XD

It's been 6 months and 3 weeks since I started my journey to lose weight. As of now, I have officially lost a total of 15 kg and 6 inches off my waist ^^. I started out at 74 kg with a 34 inch waist and today I am 59 kg with a 28 inch waist! Yay! The journey was long and arduous but it was definitely well worth it.

I have 7 months before my fourth year in UMS and I am hoping to lose the remaining 11 kg and 2-3 inches more off my waist by then. I wish to be 48 kg by the time the seventh semester rolls around. It sounds kind of extreme but you either go big or go home, right? :) So 7 months and 11 kg meaning I have to lose about 0.4 kg per week for 28 weeks. That's pretty reasonable.

Though I have to say I am in the midst of phase three of my weight loss plan: Lose 4 kg by 28th February 2013. I am on Day 1 for that right now and I have about 5 weeks to achieve that. My mini-goal is to achieve 55 kg before I start my internship in March. The remaining 6 kg will be a longer term weight loss goal which I intend to achieve after 6 months. If and when I do achieve that target I promised myself that I will buy a tube dress. Hehe. This is for my own confidence, as well as as a surprise for someone ^^.

I've restarted by daily 1-hour aerobics routines and a stricter 1200 kcal diet. Today was really tiring for me as I haven't had much chance to workout for an hour while I was in the dorms so I definitely felt beat today after my first session. But after completing it, I felt good about myself. It's just like starting over again, only this time I know I can do it better.

I have a much stronger resolution and motivational drive now. Back then it was just to feel good for myself; to shut people up (especially my relatives) about my weight, and also to be able to shop for clothes that fit me much easier. But now I have newer, stronger motivational drives to keep me on track.

1. To prove it to certain people that I can do it - naturally! People just doesn't seem to believe that I did it on my own without the help of all these food supplements or diet products (exp: Herbalife). It just gets so frustrating! So yeah, this time round I just wanna say "Hey you, the one that said you can only do this using diet products, I did it WITHOUT your products" :)

2. To shut certain people up. I'm surrounded by people that think that skinny is beautiful and if you are bigger than them, then you don't even deserve to be looked at. I know that feeling. Having that one friend that always looks down on you just cause you are fat and bigger than her. Not to mention being surrounded by people with that same mentality that judge you based on what size of shirt you are wearing. It's just plain hurtful. So it'll be nice to smack them in the face with this. Hehe.

3. To be pretty and confident for my love. Hehe. He doesn't mind me the way I am, nor does he care much if I lose weight or not, but I want to look good for him. I don't know, I never used to care about things like this before but ever since meeting him and having someone accept me for me (despite my flaws and insecurities) makes me want to be a better person; for him and ultimately, for myself.

4. A promise. I made a promise with someone dear to me, my bestie, that we will be like Hanna and Emily by the time we get into our fourth year of studies. She motivates me just as much as she inspires me to change for the better ^^.

These new drives, in addition to what already motivates me initially, hopefully will push me further and help me be stronger in my resolutions to achieve my goals. Fighting! Jiayou me!

Day ten~

Day ten: A photo of your favourite place to eat.

Also known as "D'Archie's Corner" after 6pm. ^^

This is the menu after 6pm. Yes, it is a bit pricey but it is well worth it for me.

This is big sis' fav dish: Black Pepper Steak (It is also the most expensive dish on the menu!)
My fav dish of all time!: Chicken Chop! I'm telling you the portion size is just humongous!

Lil' bro's fav dish: Fish & Chips. Crispy, fresh and absolutely yummy!

Day Nine~

Day nine: A photo of the item you last purchased.

Day eight~

Alright! Finally I'm on the right challenge for the day! Woohoo! It's day eight today and after painstakingly completing the previous challenges, I finally made it to this one; the only one on the right day. Lol.

Day eight: A song and photo to match your mood.

Right now I guess you could say that my mood is pretty much being in love~ ^.^. Hehe.
I know it's not exactly a "mood" per se, but this is what I'm feeling so I'm going to post it as the mood that I am in. Hehe.

I've always liked the song "Bubibu" by A Pink (Yes, it is KPop) since it has such a cute ring to it but listening to it now really matches the mood that I am in. I can't really post the song here but I will post a link for it on youtube and I will also post the translated lyrics here as well.

English Translation:

Dear boy, you’re my angel
Let me show you a better day
How do I look today?
They say that I look prettier these days
I keep looking at the mirror
Today, I’m a pretty good-looking girl
Rub dub rub dub, I tremble
Whenever I think of you, I tremble
What to do with myself, oh oh
I seem like a fool
I’m embarassed for myself
But I want to have courage and tell you
Slowly, on your two cheeks, BuBiBu
I want to hold your hand tightly and BuBiBu
Just by hearing your name, just by hearing your voice makes me feel good
I like you so much, I like you so much, what do I do?
Little by little, on your lips, BuBiBu
You are my everything BuBiBu
Just by looking at you, I feel good
Just by hearing your name, just by hearing your voice makes me feel good
I like you so much, I like you so much, what do I do?
Even if you seem a bit cold and stony
You are a warm guy to me
I keep looking at your face
You’re my one and only boyfriend
I keep, keep, keep
I keep thinking of you
What to do with myself, oh oh
I want to take a walk with you
I want to go on a picnic with you
There are so many things to do
Slowly, on your two cheeks, BuBiBu
I want to hold your hand tightly and BuBiBu
Just by hearing your name, just by hearing your voice makes me feel good
I like you so much, I like you so much, what do I do?
Little by little, on your lips, BuBiBu
You are my everything BuBiBu
Just by looking at you, I feel good
Just by hearing your name, just by hearing your voice makes me feel good
I like you so much, I like you so much, what do I do?
Slowly, on your two cheeks, BuBiBu
I want to hold your hand tightly and BuBiBu
Just by hearing your name, just by hearing your voice makes me feel good
I like you so much, I like you so much, what do I do?
Little by little, on your lips, BuBiBu
You are my everything BuBiBu
Just by looking at you, I feel good
Just by hearing your name, just by hearing your voice makes me feel good
I like you so much, I like you so much, what do I do?

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Day seven~ (Late)

Day seven: Your dream wedding.

Okay, a small heads up before I get started on this post - It's going to be pretty girly! Hehe. I warned you ^.^.

My dream wedding would be one in a church, on a bright sunny morning with my closest family and friends. Followed by a simple brunch outside ^.^. Just like one of my relative's wedding a couple of years ago at Mary Immaculate where she had her wedding mass and after we had brunch at the garden. Short, simple but sweet. Hehe.

I've always loved the traditional white or ivory wedding dresses. I would love to have a dress just like this one by Demetrios-Illusions. Halter, fitted, flowy, ruffles & floral...Hehe..The perfect wedding dress to me ^.^.

I'd prefer having my hair up like this:

Just simple, elegant and timeless ^.^.

I'd love for the overall colour theme of my wedding to be white. I've always, ALWAYS dreamed of having a traditional white wedding ever since I was just a little girl. But too much white can be quite blinding so a white wedding with soft hues of pink would be nice. Hehe. Pretty girly but hey, it's MY dream wedding. Lol. I'd love for my bouquet to be something like this; soft and sweet colours to go along with the romantic occasion *melts*. Haha.

All in all, I just want a simple wedding. One where I can just be with my love, family, relative and friends; people who really care about me. I don't need a huge reception just a small wedding in church and a dinner reception plus one more at the kampung. Hehe. Nothing extravagant, we need to be realistic too ^.^.

Day four, five and six~ (Late)

Alright, since the next three challenges are only for me to post photographs, I decided to put them all into this post ^.^.

Day four: Your favourite photograph of your best friend.

First things first, I was never one to believe in best friends. Honestly. I kept myself guarded up until I met my best gal pals in SFC (primary school) namely Lydia a.k.a Lidi at that time (I wonder why we called you that..huu, sorry~!^^). I don't have much photos of her and those that I do are candid or with others. But one of my fav photos of her was one we took when we were still first year students..hehe~ Still innocent at that time ^^

My other besties are the girls I grew up with and those that I went to secondary school with..hehe..I can't upload every single photo or I'll end up spamming this post. You girls know who you are~ My besties from SFC~ ^.^ Hehe...<3 you all muchies!!

Day five: A photo of yourself two years ago.

This photo was taken when I was in my first year at UMS. At the time my dorm room was still at A1..hehe. 

Day six: A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet.

I don't remember where I got this photo, but it's probably from 9gag or Google a while back.

I want a Siberian Husky as a pet!! Hehe..Fluffy, cute and intimidating as hell once they grow up..Hehe ^.^

Day two and three~ (Late)

Day two: A photo of something you ate today.

Day two was actually on the 12th of January 2013 and NOT today. Hehe. I was busy with my finals and the internet connection at my dorms make it hard for me to post anything, so here I am a week later posting about this.

Well, that day was the second time I went out with Momo and we went to Hong Kong Recipe (1 Borneo) for lunch. We both ordered the roast pork rice but he had ice milo and I had my lime juice ^.^. I can't really find a photo of the exact food we had but this is the closest that I could get. (I forgot about this post, hence I didn't take any photos)

Hong Kong Recipe, 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu.
(Credits to:

The Hungry Hog, Subang Jaya.
(Credits to:

Day three: Your favourite store.

I decided to combine certain posts to prevent too much clutter from posting so much in the same day so I am doing day two and three here in one post ^^.

If you knew me, you would know that I just love to read! It's the one thing that I cannot live without (aside from music). My favourite store would have to be Times Bookstore!

Times Bookstore, 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu
(Credits to:

I just love hanging out here being surrounded by books. Hehe. The best part is, I rarely get to see UMS students hanging about here. They are always hanging out at Harris Bookstore upstairs. Though I prefer Times Bookstore at Suria, KK. Hehe. My big sis and I sould hang out there for hours, just reading whenever we go there ^.^.

All the images were found via Google, just for your information. Hehe.

Short hiatus!

Oh gosh! Just when I said that I was going to start blogging again, I was actually gone for at least a week! Just great. Haha. Oh well, I guess I just have to pick up the slack by posting a ton of things today then just to keep up-to-date with the things going on around me in the past week. I'll start with posting the 30 days challenge posts before continuing with my daily posts ^.^. I just hope I didn't forget anything though since my memory isn't really that good..huu...Here goes~!

Day One~

Day one: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

This is a pretty recent picture of me, I guess. Hehe. I took it about a couple of weeks ago? Or was it a month ago? Hmm, not quite sure though. Oh well. Hehe.

Since the day is only half over, I can't really say much about it but I will do my best to describe the day so far.

I woke up at 7.30+ this morning, which was 30 minutes before my alarm was set to wake me up. The reason was that I got a text message from Momo and it shocked me as my handphone was next to my head. I know, it's not good practice to sleep next to your handphone, but I fell asleep while texting last night. Huhuu...

Anyway, I went to the cafe at 10.00 am to buy my lunch and I met Mar there. It's funny when everyone seems to think that my best buddies & I are taking finance/accounts minor this semester. Lol. After buying steamed white rice+curry chicken, I went back to my room (The fried chicken was finished by the time I got there, huhu).

A couple of minutes later, my roommate/schoolmate, Georginni (Ginni) came with Zee after their exams earlier today to pack up her stuff. She's gone home!! I'm officially all alone now! Huhuu...It's pretty sad to be left on my own but hey, I've been going through it since the study week, so I guess I should be okay by now. ^.^.

I'm going to have my lunch soon and I will probably start my revision for marketing later after that. I guess that's all that I can say about my day so far. I decided to post this now as I might not be able to post it later due to the ever unstable broadband connection -_-".

Alright! That's all for this post then. Off to have my lunch~! <3

The start of the Cookie Chronicles~~

After not blogging for over 2-3 months, you could say that I've lost my writing edge. Huu...It's kind of sad really. So, in order to get my writing back up and running again, I decided to start doing the 30-day blog challenge once more. Yay me! Haha. I mean it is pretty cliche but hey, at least it gives me something to write about while I get used to posting again ^.^.

So here is the list that I decided to challenge myself to comply to. Hehe. I got it from a blog <The Lily Garay Blog> while surfing for random lists on Google. I do hope that this time I will be able to complete it without much difficulties ^.^. I may not be able to post everyday though, since I still have my finals until the 15th, but after that (hopefully) I will be able to post every single day~

Hello, Hello, Hello~!!

Aaah~ It's been so long since I've written anything. The last time I've written anything was sometime in October 2012. Wow! That is a really long time ago >.<. Right, back to business. I'm pretty sure that those reading this blog are the those that read my old blog (So sorry that I hadn't updated that one!) so I just wanted to say "Hello again everyone!!". LOL.

Nothing much to post here in my first post of the year. I'll probably post some more pretty soon though. Stay posted! XD