I'm back~

Gosh! It's been a while since I wrote anything here~ =.= Blame it on my tabby and Note for keeping me occupied daily until I had no other intentions of blogging. Lol. This is only gonna be a short post (I'm at work! XD) so I'll get straight to the point ^^.

I'm already in my 2nd month of internship at CKCC, Kolombong & I I have achieved my 3rd phase weight loss goal! Yay me! Hehe..But in order to get me blogging again I decided to do yet another 30 days challenge - Correction; Long distance relationship 30 days challenge. Haha. I hope that by doing this (Even at work =.=) I will get my writing edge back again~ Hehe..

Till my next post~ 

My journey thus far~~

It has been a while since bestie told me to put this up. Haha. And since I felt like blogging some more but I didn't have a topic to blog about, I guess well now is as good a time as ever to blog about it...Hehe..It's just some images of me before losing weight up to when I was about 58 kg~~ ^^ It's not much, but at least I can see the changes and the progress that I've made thus far.


Lol. The first two photos were taken at Arren/Tungy's Raya open house back in 2010. I was sooo round! Aaaah! Hahaha! I can't believe it XP. The next few photos are some of the ones I took as they year went on. I only started to lose weight after the photo of me in the cream-coloured dress with a white cardigan. Before that, I didn't do anything to lose weight :). It's safe to say that I made some progress, huh? Hehe. I am extremely proud of myself. Before this I was like every other year, making new year's resolution to lose weight but never following through with my plans. But this time round, I decided to go through with it. I've never been happier with the results!

All in all it has been eight months since I started my weight loss journey and I still have a ways to go before I reach my ultimate goal. I wish and pray to God to continue giving me the strength and motivation to continue until I achieve my goals and I would also want to thank Him for guiding me and blessing me on my weight loss journey thus far :'). Amen Lord.

Day 4

I guess I skipped day 3 huh? Lol. My bad~ It was my first day of practicals so I didn't really have much time to post up anything once I got home. I was just sooooo tired =.=. Anyways, day 4 of my new diet plan has been going well :). I haven't been on the scales yet though. I'm hoping that I will lose some more weight soon. I'm still quite roly-poly (what my siblings and say when we meant round, XD). I just hope to be 55 kg by the end of this month if possible. My long term goal is 48 kg and I know that it is a pretty small number considering I was 74 kg before, but you either go big or go home right? :D But of course I will be taking other things into consideration too. Like if I am satisfied with myself at 50 kg then I'll stop there. ^^. My waist measurement is still 27.5 inches and I am hoping to be 25 inches at the end of this weight loss journey. 

Wish me luck! :D

My true self?

Hmm...To be honest, I'm not quite sure what I should write about here. Haha. I mean, lately I've been very confused over a couple of things. I don't usually share my true self with many around me for fear of getting hurt. I don't pain be it emotional or physical. So i put up this shell or barrier around me, putting up a tough front so that people won't get close to me to hurt me. Huhu. I've always been this way ever since I was a kid. Having to pretend to smile at home in front of my family members even though inside I just felt like dying :( .

I guess growing up holding myself back from really letting my feelings out really made me into quite a sombong person to some. Haha. I've said it before that many of my friends' first impressions of me were sombong. Or stuck up. Gosh. I must be terrible around people for them to think that way. Haha. Only a handful of people will truly know how I actually am; which is very manja! Nyaa~!! A bad habit of mine that I'm still trying to change now...huu..

It's tough, especially when you grow up not really getting the love and attention that every child needs. Haha. Hmm. It's not really that funny but I prefer laughing it off than crying over it :). I didn't mean that my parents didn't love me but I was the only one that needed to do something to get their attention. Sure, big sis felt that way too. But she had my aunt and grandparents spoiling her growing up. My brother always had my parents spoiling him. So where does that leave me? Err, nowhere? Haha.

I guess my aunt was right. She told me once while fetching me home from school that being the middle child is always the loneliest. You will be the least loved since you are stuck in the middle; not as important as the first, and not as precious as the last. She had tears in her eyes when she told me that and her advice to me was just live your life and love yourself. God will be there for you :'). I still hold onto those words til now~

I don't blame anyone though. I mean I grew up perfectly fine (and pretty privileged actually, XD). So I have no complaints I guess. But I do know that that is also the reason why I get very manja around people that I trust. My besties know that and there are certain things that I cannot tolerate because of my manja-ness. LOL. Even Momo knows about it now. Oops! Hehe..Sorry baby, I guess I shocked you huh? ^^. That is also the reason why I don't like being ignored. Gosh. I am complicating things. I should stop here. Haha~ XD Sorry for the extremely long post~ I was feeling a little emo today~


I have no work today!! Yippee~~ Hehe..I guess my supervisor still wasn't expecting us to start work yesterday. Psst! She actually forgot! LOL. Well my first day of practicals was actually okay. Got introduced to the staff there, had a tour of the coffee factory and yes, was given the first task; make a product catalog. Haha! I feel like I'm a marketing major instead of a food science major when our supervisor handed us the task. Haha XD. The task is for both me and bestie. Hehe. I just hope we will do well on our first task and impress our supervisor as well as our GM :). We only worked half-day yesterday and were told that we did not need to come in for work today~ Whee~~ XD. I guess that's all for my practical update. More coming soon once Monday rolls around~ Hehe..

Industrial Training

I can't believe it. My industrial training starts tomorrow! Aaaaahhh!! Less than 24 hours to go. Gosh! How time flies! I'm leaving from home probably around 6.30/6.45 a.m. hoping to avoid the traffic jam in the morning. Work starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. Wow. A whole eight hours. Well, it's not like I've never worked before.

I just hope everything goes well tomorrow~ Going to meet bestie there too since we will be doing out industrial training there together. Yay! I guess the first day is always the day when you are the most nervous or anxious. I'm bringing my log book, SLI-3 confirmation letter, the company's response letter and also the envelope from SSMP.

I pray and hope that my first day and the days after that leading up to 6 months of me being there will go well without any problems~ ^^ Wish boyfie, Momo, all the best on his first day too XD.

Day 2

Today is day two of my new diet plan. I guess you could say it went well. I didn't have any hunger pangs throughout the day and my tummy feels less bloated. Yay!

I woke up early today and had breakfast which my mum 'tapau-ed' for me and my daddy. Haha. It was gon lo mien from Tanjung Aru. One of my favourites growing up. Then I decided to pack my stuff to bring to my first day of LI tomorrow and then at the spur of the moment, I also decided to change, my bed-sheets. Lol. 

I finally use the new bed covers that I bought with big sis about 2-3 weeks ago. I knew it was pink, but I never expected it to be this pink! Haha. I have never had such an overly pink bed to sleep in before! And since I only bought two extra pillow cases (pink, too!) I am three pillow cases short. I ended up substituting them for other random floral/orange/cream pillow cases to try and match them to my bed-sheet. I like it but I'm not much of a pink fan. Haha. Though lately it is starting to grow on me.

So, since I did all the house chores I kind of missed the time and I skipped lunch? Lol. I had a late lunch or an early dinner at around 3pm = steamed white rice, scrambled egg+onion, and corned beef+onion. Whee~ Yummy2~ Throughout the day I had 2 bananas. ^^ Healthy snacking~ I'll probably not have dinner tonight, I am still extremely full.

Day 1: New diet plan~

This month has been a disappointment for me. I meant in the entire month, I only managed to lose about 1lb. Haha~ The main reason, it's Chinese New Year season!! There is no way I am dieting during the Lunar New Year. No way. So now, nearing the end of the month (only one day left, lol) I decided to restart my diet plan. ^^

So practically, I am just gonna eat right this time. Haha. Just control my portions and consume less fried, oily and greasy foods. Eat less processed foods and more nutritious and wholesome foods. I mean I will be working starting March so I don't think I will have time to count calories daily and squeeze in time to workout every day, now can I? I may be able to workout once in a while but I might have overtime from work and get tired. So, this is kinda my main plan as well as my contingency plan too. :)

Since my student loan will only be given to me in the middle of March, I guess I'll need to be more thrifty in the weeks before that ^^. I'm planning on bringing packed lunches to work to help cut down cost of me spending. At least if I do that, I will only spend some money to but coffee during lunch. Hehe. It does not mean I'll bring lunch everyday but more like whenever I can.

Other than that, I also want to cut down on sugar and carbs, I guess. I've been on a low sugar diet before (unintentionally, lol) and I found out that I get less tired than usual and have much better focus and concentration in what I'm doing. I think this will be a good thing for me in the long run.

So far, day one has been good. I had cereal with fresh milk for breakfast; white rice with soy sauce pork belly and lady's fingers fried with luncheon meat; and for dinner I had a chicken patty sandwich with lettuce, mayo and an egg. Pretty heavy meals throughout the day but as long as my tummy is happy, I'm happy XD. 

That's all for today, I will update on day two tomorrow~~

Catching up~

I haven't written in a while~ I guess I was just to lazy to turn my laptop on and type. Huu..Well, anyway, I am here now and I just felt like blogging tonight.

I really don't have much to say except "My industrial training (practical) is starting this Friday!!!!!" Haha. Gosh! I have no idea why I am so nervous about it. It's not like I've never worked before. Even the last time I worked at an accounts company (where my first day was also a Friday) I felt the same way. But that was understandable! It was my first job and I was only 17 back then! Not to mention I was completely alone for the first day. My friend (which my uncle told me to get a friend to work there with me) only started the next week.

But this time, I won't be alone. My coursemate and bestie will be there with me. Yay! However, I am just curious as to why I am feeling so nervous? Maybe it's just anxiety. Yeah. I'm just anxious, I guess. I mean, our senior has made such a good impression on them there that I feel like we will be judged the second we start work. I just hope not. I hope that they will not compare us to him as I know that I am not up to his level. Huhu.

Another reason would probably be that this time round of me working, I will be graded. The last time, I could care less what the boss thinks of me and just as long as I complete my task and work efficiently, he could care less about me too. But this time, everything I do will be graded (I think?). Huu~~

I just hope that I'm just over-thinking things (as usual) and that it's just my paranoia kicking in. I hope dearly that my first day of industrial training goes well without any problems and that for the rest of my six months there, I will be able to do good and make the company proud and not regret taking me in for my practical.


A quick shout out to le boyfie, Momo, and also to my bestie: Good luck on our first day of industrial training this Friday! Let's rock it! XD May God bless us all~ 

My first attempt in making 'Kek Batik'

After putting it off for such a long time, I finally decided to make 'Kek Batik'~! Yay~ Hehe...I went out this morning with my dad to fetch my bro from school before heading to Sunny Supermarket to buy groceries.

I had originally planned to just buy my cereal and low-fat milk (Dutch Lady) but then at the last moment I decided to go ahead and buy the ingredients needed to make 'kek batik'.

It's actually very, very simple~ You just need four main ingredients; Milo powder (220gm), butter (250gm), Marie biscuits (1/2 pack about 250-300gm), sweetened creamer (1/4 of a tin). You can add in a teaspoon of vanilla essence if you want to but I didn't. Hehe. It's only for the aroma and I prefer my cake chocolatey~ I did add chocolate rice on top though.

So first I made sure that the butter was at room temperature before melting it over a low flame. Once it is almost completely melted, I added the sweetened creamer (~1/4 of a tin). You can add more if you want. I didn't want it to be too sweet. Then I added in the Milo powder in batches. Make sure to stir it well to prevent any lumps. Once it has thickened up and is mixed well, I turned off the flame and added in the Marie biscuits (broken into halves or quarters). Stir them around to completely coat the biscuits. After that I just scooped the mix out into a container. Make sure to really pack the mixture tight though~ ^^.

It takes about 4 hours to completely harden but I took it out after just 2 hours. I needed to know how it tasted like! So I cut out a few pieces and had my brother taste-test it. It's a hit! He loves it! Hehe~ I love it! Super smooth and chocolatey~ Next time I'm gonna make some for Momo & bestie to try..hehe...

Sorry for the "incomplete" cake. I only remembered to snap a photo  after cutting it.

Month-long wait~

Yesterday I finally got to meet my Momo again after about a month of not seeing him..Huu..Gosh! I really do miss him~ :'(

I've never felt this way before. Not even when I was with my ex. I might have missed him but after a month I kind of gotten used to not seeing him. But Momo is a different case. The moment I left UMS the other day (even before leaving the main gate!) I was already holding back my tears. I guess I just got so used to seeing him. Huhu.

Our meeting wasn't planned. It was actually a sudden decision. Haha. He was going to SSMP to sort out his LI letters and I thought "Wanna meet up?" Haha. When he agreed, I went to ask my daddy. And the best thing is, daddy didn't ask much except "What are you going to do there?" I just told him I wanted to go to SSMP and he didn't ask anymore. :D

I had to control myself from hugging him though, the moment I saw him. Lol. It wasn't a good idea since we were at the foyer. I finally saw his stitches too. Huu. They looked painful, but I'm glad that he is healing up well. 3 stitches to close up his wound. Huu...

I also realized that there were new fans (quite a number of them) installed at the foyer, as well as the new Nescafe vending machine (Joy!). It dispenses hot and cold beverages (Nestea, Coffee, Milo, Tongkat Ali & Ginseng). I haven't tried the machine yet, but I am already loving it! Hehe. Here are a few photos~ (The last photo is one I took while walking around with Momo).

I know that our relationship is still kind of new. But I really do hope we can be together for a long time~ Right, Momo? *wink* Hehe~~ 

It was a sad moment when I had to go back earlier though. Kinda felt like the last day at UMS again but at least I was able to meet him before starting my LI next week~

Love you Momo~ XD

Exam Results~!

Wow! It's been a while since I updated my blog. I guess being at home I just lazed about and was more preoccupied with house chores, and didn't bother much to blog.

Well, my first post back here would be as the title suggests~ My exam results!!

I have to say I was completely blown away with my results for my 5th semester. It was the highest I have ever gotten thus far! Yay me! XD. My highest GPA ever recorded was a 3.55 for my Matriculation 1st semester exams. But this time, guess what? I achieved 3.61!!! I was in shock when I checked my results~ XD

I was super happy at first and when my dad asked and I told him about it, guess what he said "Err, you can't get 4.00 ka? It's a little disappointing" *sulk* I immediately went into a sulky mood. I didn't even talk to him after that. I just took my tab and went into my room; ignoring him for the rest of the day. Lol. But he tried to make amends the next day (Probably because my mum saw me cry after he said it) and though I still couldn't forgive him, I accepted the olive branch~ Hmm...Typical of my parents.

Shoving that aside~ I was super happy with my grades ^.^. I have to admit though, I didn't concentrate much on the exams this time round. Huhu. Probably because I was alone in my room most of the time and I had something else on my mind. Lol. I think my besties would know what. Haha!

I'm glad it all turned out amazingly well though~ I cannot have been any happier with my GPA this semester~ Thanks to this, my CGPA went up from 3.39 to 3.43. Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Yay! It's a big motivation for me to do extremely well for my upcoming industrial training next week and also in my final year exams ^^. I am hoping and aiming to get a first-class degree~ So, who knows? ^^. I am extremely grateful and thankful to God for guiding me through my exams. May the Lord continue to shine his blessings onto me~ 

One month anniversary + Valentine's Day~

It's kind of sad when I couldn't spend our 1 month anniversary as well as Valentine's day with Momo :'(. I was so frustrated about this at first but then I realized that he was just as unhappy and sad about it as I am. Then it also came to me that they were just days. I mean, sure they are days for people in love to come together but even though we are far apart, he has always made me feel loved and I've never felt lonely, not even for a day. Sure we may not have been able to celebrate our 1 month together, nor were we able to spend Valentine's together, but I'm still really blessed to have you in my life Momo. We can make our own Valentine's the next time we meet, right? Hehe~ I love you lots Momo~ Quoted from you "Let's be together for a long time~" This post is for you dear ^.^

Glad I Met You

© Virginnia R Dryver

At first I wasn't looking for love.
I wanted no one in my life,
for I had totally given up.
All I wanted was to hide.

But for just a moment
I gave you a chance. 
I let my guard down, 
One last try at romance.

I never imagined that I
would find all this and more.
The best friend and lover,
that one could ever hope for.

A friend I can count on,
to listen and understand.
A lover, for me to hold,
that is truly a good man.

I love when you smile,
and all the things you do.
So I want you to know that
you're my dream come true.

I know in my heart now
that no one else will do.
Happy Valentine's Day Baby 
I'm so glad that I met you

Chinese New Year~

Suffice to say that the Chinese New Year celebrations in my home this year was not as lively as it was the year before. I guess it was because everyone was so tired preparing the dishes. Haha! CNY this year was like any other, we all got together to eat on the eve on new year's as it is a tradition. I ate sooooo much! Haha! All out favourite dishes and it just brings back joyful childhood memories~ ^^. When big sis, lil' bro and I all hung out in the kitchen, drinking out Jolly Shandy and just talking about random things, I can't help but think "Wow! We are all grown up now." My! How time flies~ :') The best thing about CNY is that it just brings the family closer and this year (though not as loud as last year) I certainly felt that connection deepen even more~

Day thirty~ (Late)

Day thirty: A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past thirty days.

Well, this post is a tad late. On this day (the real day, 10th January) I was pretty busy with Chinese New Year preparations. Hence, I did not take any photographs of myself on that day. I will however, upload a more recent photo of myself (taken on the 11th of January) - soon - as a replacement.

Three good things that have happened in the past thirty days:

1. I got together with Momo love~ ^^
2. I lost some more weight~ Yay!
3. I finally learnt how to be more forgiving to others and myself. I no longer keep grudges (even if I do think of them =.=) and instead I have learnt to ignore the people that hurt me, forgive them, wish them well in their lives and move on with my own life.

Day twenty-nine~ (Late)

Day twenty-nine: Something that you could never get tired of doing.

This is easy. ^.^. I can never get tired of listening to music. Period. I'm the kind of girl that has to have some music blaring in the background whenver I'm doing anything. Be it after getting out of the shower, doing household chores, studying, completing assignments, playing games, going online, reading and the likes. Music is my life. I find that without music, I feel bored much too easily and I tend to be more creative with music. So, yes. Listening to music is something that I can never get tired of doing~

Day twenty-eight~

Day twenty-eight: Your favourite movie.

Honestly, I don't have a favourite movie. Huhu. I'm drawing a blur to what movie I should post about here. I'm usually an in the moment kind of person and once the moment is gone, well, it's gone. Huhuu :(

I have several movies that I like watching before, but none stand out as my "favourite". Huhu. Sorry but I guess I just haven't really found one that can be deemed as my favourite just yet. But if I had to choose I'd say "Fire with Fire" just because it was the first movie that Momo & I watched as a couple~ Hehe~~

Day twenty-seven~ (Late)

Day twenty-seven: Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs.

Just for the record, I don't own an iPod. Hence, I will be using my handphone's music player. Lol.

1. According to you - Orianthi
2. Like this or like that - 5 Dolls
3. Airplanes - B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams
4. Be my baby - Wonder Girls
5. Me, in - Wonder Girls
6. Daisukidayo - Ai Otsuka
7. Tak ingin kehilanganmu - Vince
8. Goodbye, baby - Miss A
9. Talking to the moon - Bruno Mars
10. Angels and demons (Piano ver.) - Dishwalla

I haven't updated my playlist in a long time though~ Haha~~

Gamer boyfriend~

I know most people would say that a gamer boyfriend is no good for you. But I think the opposite. Don't get me wrong. It's not just 'cause my boyfriend is a gamer, my siblings and I are all gamers. Surprised? Haha. Though my big sis and I are pretty much retired now and only play games when we feel like it, my lil' bro is still an avid gamer. And judging by his character (and his friends')  I think it's safe to say that a gamer guy ain't half bad ;) (minus the bad language, -_-" Lol).

The biggest point is that I wouldn't have to worry about him going out and flirting with girls. He'll just be there, in from of his PC playing a game and the only girls he will interact with are video game characters. Hehe. I admit, sometimes I get jealous of these video game girls. Especially since they are designed in a way to get guys to play games (duh! Why else would a girl wear skimpy clothing to fight or kill something be it in space or a forest somewhere?? *rolls eyes*) But at the end of the day, they are just fictional characters, so yeah, it's nothing. Hehe.

I guess I don't find many problems with having a gamer boyfriend is 'cause I was an avid gamer myself. Though I am more of a console gamer and Momo is a PC gamer, I think I can understand ^.^. I was surfing through some things on Google and I stumbled upon these pictures. And suffice to say, they were the inspirations to me posting this. Lol. All pictures were obtained from Google.

Random photo~

I just feel really random today. Probably because I'm just really bored now. Haha!

Random post~!!!

I finally managed to rearrange my closet a couple of days ago. I was able to remove the clothes that I do not use anymore (they just got too loose) and made room for more clothes! Yay! My closet is looking pretty empty now but hey, it just means more room for new clothes? Hehe. Shopping spree~!! XD

Lol. I arranged them from formal wear > jackets > hoodies > cardigans/bolero > tees/blouse. But in this photo they all just look bunched up. Haha! The tees were supposed to be arranged according to colour but I guess there weren't that many of them so they all just look randomized ^.^. Hoho~

Also, while cleaning out I found several blouses that big sis gave to me a few years back! They were all in hers and she didn't want them any more so she figured she would give them to me and thought that they would fit. Boy, was she wrong -_-". But guess what? I can fit them all now!! Yay! Hehe. Here are some photos of them~

I don't usually go for floral and frilly but I do love these blouses. Thanks again je~! Oh and before I forget, I also took pictures of my new Cheongsam and the peplum dress that I bought online with big sis.

Here's a photo of me wearing the peplum dress. I was so happy that it fit perfectly and that I didn't have any fat bulges when I wore it! Haha!

I have another Cheongsam (dark pink) but I'll save it for a Chinese New Year post later~ Hehe...

Day twenty-six~

Day twenty-six: Think back to how you were 5 years ago. How have you changed since then?

It's now 2013. 5 years ago I was still 17 years old. I remember back in high school I was a very shy and timid person. I would often shy away from people just to avoid conversations and such. I also didn't mingle around with many. Most of the time I just hung out with my small group of friends. I didn't like approaching people first because I was always afraid of how they would perceive me. I had extremely low self-esteem and I was extremely shy. I always though that I was never good enough for anything. 

I guess 5 years is a really long time for someone to change, huh? I guess going to college and then university really made me grow as a person. I feel more confident now as compared to my teenage self. When I got to college I remember telling myself "I need to buck up! I can't be the little girl hiding in the shadows anymore" And for the first time in my life I actually approached someone (on my own & without someone else's instruction) and got to know them. I guess for many it's not a big deal. But for a shy person like me, it is.

If I told people now that I was very shy and timid, they would probably laugh and say "Ya meh?" Lol. I mean I did that before and they just laughed at me and said I was joking. That I had to be joking. Haha. I guess I was colder in the past. I mean I did have my tutorial friend in KML tell me "Sis. Time first kenal sis kan, saya sangka sis ni orang sombong" Haha! That was a huge wake up call. I never meant to come across as stuck up but I did push people away and pulled myself away from everyone because I was extremely shy. 

Nowadays, I don't do that anymore ^.^. I've had people say that I am much friendlier now and for those that have just met me, they all think that I am a friendly person. Gone were the days of the shy and sombong girl. Haha!

Day twenty-five~ (Late)

Day twenty-five: Something that you miss.

I don't really have something that I'm missing now though. Well, at least not tangible things. Most of what I'm missing are intangible like memories and such. Or people. And people aren't things. But I guess you could say that the thing that I am missing now are the memories of when I was back in college a Labuan Matriculation College :'). I just miss everything about being there. Including the water shortages. Haha.

The main gate.

Dewan Mutiara (The Main Hall)

The library
This is the cafeteria between my block (Madani C) and Madani D. I think it was called TM or something. Huu. My memory fails me.
My block! (Madani C)
Just a snapshot of the college grounds. ^.^
I don't remember where I got these images from since I got them back in 2009. Huhu. I'd love to credit the owner of these images so if you are the owner please tell me & I will credit them to you. :)

This last photo however was taken by me using my old Sony Ericsson camera phone on the last day of class in the second semester. Hehe.

I've always referred to this as "Springtime in LMC".

Day twenty-four~

Day twenty-four: What's in your purse?

Okay, first off a purse to me is more like a wallet and not a handbag. So, in sight of that, just the usual actually..cards, money, some receipts. But I think the "purse" meant in the challenge is a handbag. Hehe. So what I have in my handbag (usually) are: my retractable umbrella, wallet, a pouch for my headphones, my scapular, and lastly my phones~ ^^


The photos do not belong to me. They belong to my bestie Faht

As I stated earlier, all photo credits go to Faht~ ^^ I just need to watermark them here. Oh and the photos were taken on the 1st of Feb 2013~~ ^.^

Short reunion with the girls~

On the 1st of February (Friday), I met up with my best friends from high school at Suria KK. It has been such a long time since we got to meet up! I missed them soooo much~!

The six of us; Mya, Faht, Tungy, Odie, Ginni and myself, went to watch a Thailand ghost movie "3 a.m.". Haha! It was more funny than scary though XD. It's a 3 in 1 movie; the wig, the corpse bride and over time. I think the only one really worth watching was the wig, which coincidentally is the first of the three. It was spooky and creepy. Typical Thai ghost movie. But overall, it was okay~

The second part, the corpse bride, was more "eeeeuuuwww" than "aaaaaaahh!". I was pretty perverted (Duh! Thailand movies *rolls eyes*). It started out alright but as the story progresses, it got more and more perverted. It even starred a crazed guy obsessed with necrophilia. Urgh! Disgusting. I think the nurse in the beginning gave of a scarier vibe than the entire story. Lol.

The third part was more laughs. It even started out funny. Haha! But the story was so cluttered that I got a minor headache from trying to understand and figure out what was really going on. It also had the most predictable plot out of the rest. All in all, the wig was the only one really worth watching, in my opinion.

After that, we went to Upperstar for an early dinner (We went out at 2 p.m. and watched the movie first). I had the fish and chips and a glass of iced lemonade. Yummy~ We ate and chatted for about 1 to 2 hours. It has been so long since I just sat down and hung out with them that I just really forgot how crazy our topics could get!

Later, since I can only go home at 8 p.m., they all decided to hang out at Yoyo Cafe to kill time (after going round Suria ^^) while accompanying me waiting for my sis to finish her Zumba session. I'm really glad that I got to hang out with them (especially Mya, Faht and Tungy since they are studying in West Malaysia) after not seeing them for a long time.

They are the only ones that really never judged me. If they had something that they didn't like about me, or if I did something wrong that they didn't agree to, they are the kind to tell it straight to my face. I like that. ^^. Thanks for always being there for me~ You guys are really my BFF's! Love you guys bunches~ 

I'll upload some photos Faht took with her new DSLR (Nikon D3200) later. Hehe~

Day twenty-three~

Day twenty-three: 20 facts about you.

  1. Am a Roman Catholic (even if my full name might confuse you).
  2. Comes from a mixed heritage; Dusun, Chinese and Hawaiian.
  3. Often mistaken as the eldest daughter because of my height (my sister is shorter than I am).
  4. My siblings and I all have a slightly different look from each other (you can refer to my previous post to see for yourself); sister = more dusunic, me = more Chinese, brother = more Hawaiian.
  5. Can speak 5 languages (though not superbly fluent in all >.<): English, Malay, Hakka Chinese (some Mandarin), Spanish, Hawaiian.\
  6. Am a Leo (Leo-Virgo to be exact) and very proud to be one!
  7. Love the colour or shades of purple, red, white and beige/cream.
  8. Does not drink coffee (black coffee especially) unless it's from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Nescafe. But I do love lattes~
  9. Am quite a paranoid person and tend to over-think things and be over over-cautious of everything.
  10. Quite an insecure person and gets hurt very easily but does not like to show it.
  11. Can be very bossy and somewhat of a perfectionist at times.
  12. Values friendship highly. I also cannot tolerate betrayals, cheaters, infidelity and the likes.
  13. Does not cook well (I can cook, but I don't do it often. Hence, I can't cook very well).
  14. Has a driver's license but has no car to drive (LOL).
  15. Am a hopeless romantic! (I'm a sucker for romance and romantic things).
  16. I love plushies!! (Especially sheep plushies~)
  17. Love dark chocolate and ice-cream.
  18. I am a hugger!! I just love hugs~~ ^^
  19. Plays video games. Both PC and console games (Yes. I am a gamer. Or was. Hmm...) Oh! I also watch animes and such XD.
  20. I am actually a very casual kind of girl; no makeup, laid-back, loyal, simple and not high-maintenance kind of girl ^^.
P.S. One more fact about me. I love my Momo~ ^.^

Day twenty-two~ (A few hours late)

Day twenty-two: Bullet your whole day.

  • Woke up quite late (Around 10-ish) and got ready to go out with mum and daddy.
  • Went to Centre Point for brunch. Had mi rojak ayam with kit chai panas.
  • Bought a red cheongsam for RM 66.40 (Originally it was RM 94.90. Had a 20% off ^^), a blue striped, short-sleeved formal shirt from Voir for RM 34.50 (Originally it was RM 114.90. Had a 70% discount ^^) and a pair of black pointed flats as my formal work shoes for RM 39.90 at Svesqi (Got a cute red bag & 1 packet of angpaos). All done at Pacific Ngiukee.
  • Bought a 4XL red collared-tee for my little bro and a striped, pink polo tee for my dad (Valentino at 70% off. LOL).
  • Tapau-ed 2 pancakes from Daily Fresh for my big sis & daddy. Got nasi briyani for my little bro. (Big sis & little bro didn't tag along).
  • Dyed my hair "Purple Brown" (L'Oreal). Though you cannot actually see any difference in my hair colour. It just helps to cover up my white hairs which according to big sis & little bro are "eyesores & annoying". LOL.
  • Had 2 cupcakes from Bits & Bites as dinner (chocolate & cappuccino walnut).
  • Texted with love (Momo <3) & had a little misunderstanding but it was resolved. I love you dear~ Muahkxx~
  • Blogged, tweeted, fb-ed...Aaaaaand that's it! XD
P.S. I actually had this post done last night (which was day 22) but just as I was about to post it, my daddy turned the wifi off. Lol.

Day twenty-one~ (Late)

Day twenty-one: A photo of something that makes you feel happy.

True and endless love does exist :') (link)

Day twenty~ (Late)

Day twenty: The meaning behind your blog name.

If you hadn't already known, the name of my blog is The Cookie Chronicles~ I like cookies, so well, yeah, that's one of the reasons why I chose the name but there are some pretty deep meanings as to shy I chose it in the first place.

Firstly, I want this blog to be somewhat like a diary for me or at least a place for me to rant or vent out my frustrations and such. A healthy way to release some tension without judgmental eyes and critics. I had planned for this blog to be a place where I would pen my thoughts and detail the events in my everyday life as I grow, discover and reinvent myself. Hence, the name "Chronicles".

"Chronicle" means "a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurence"(noun) or "record (a related series of events) in a factual and detailed way"(verb). 

Next, "Cookie". As mentioned earlier, I like cookies ^^ (I love the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! LOL). But in addition to that, I can associate myself to cookies (Okay, now I'm sounding loco~~). I mean, cookies are fragile. They crumble easily and there are so many varieties out there. Not to mention many different preferences. It's like life. Life itself is fragile. Certain things can only be done once and once you screw it up, you can never fix it. Kind of like a crumbled cookie. You can never piece it back together perfectly.

Also, it takes many different, and sometimes unique, ingredients to make a cookie (or cookies, ^^). It's like all the events that we go through in life. All the different flavours (events), spices (memories), recipes (history) and methods or preparing and baking (how you choose to live your life) make up the cookie (your life). Some ingredients are just better and the cookie ends up being a good and delicious one. While others...not so much.

Each ingredient plays a role in determining how the cookie will turn out. The same as every event in life will dictate how a person will turn out to be. So in other words, we are all cookies! (In the making? Hmm...LOL). 

Okay, so all in all I named this blog "The Cookie Chronicles" because I wanted it to mean the events in my life. The things that I went through and am going through. How it shaped me to be who I am today and maybe who I will be in the future. Another way to put it, the life of a cookie (person=me!). ^^

Day nineteen~

Day nineteen: Another picture of yourself.

Weight loss update!

I weighed myself this morning after washing up and before working out and I found out that I have lost another 1 kg~ Yay! I am now officially 58 kg! Hehe. My waist measurement still maintains at 28 inches though. My ultimate goal is 48 kg with a 26 inch waist~ Still a long way to go~~~

Not much to post here, just an update on my progress so far. ^.^.

Day eighteen~

Day eighteen: Something you crave a lot.

I am a huge fan of dark chocolate~ I mean I love chocolate in general, but dark chocolate is something that I crave for very often ^.^. Ferrero Rondnoir is definitely something that I have been craving for ever since I first ate them in 2009 back when I was still in college.

Both images were obtained from the same site: http://www.d1mart.com.my/v2/index.php/default/food-products/imported-chocolates/ferrero-rondnoir.html

Day seventeen~ (Late)

Day seventeen: Your celebrity crush.

Honestly, I don't have a celebrity crush right now. Serious. But if it had to be anyone, I guess David Cook would be pretty much my celebrity crush. I used to have a crush on him but that faded away once I turned 18. Lol.

Photo credits: http://www.hotnewsonglyrics.co/david-cook-the-last-goodbye-lyrics.html

Day fifteen & sixteen~ (Late)

Day fifteen: Something you don't leave your house without.

I cannot leave the house without my handphone! >.< It is my phone, alarm, calendar, music & video player and so much more~ Hehe..

Day sixteen: A photo of you and your family.

This is a pretty old photo. We took it about a year ago and I've lost some weight since then ^.^. I have to post up two photos though as I can't find recent photos of all five of us in a shot.

Mum, big sis, me and daddy (2010).
Me, lil' bro and big sis (2010).

Day fourteen~ (Late)

Day fourteen: A TV show you are currently addicted to.

I have to admit: I am a sucker for Pretty Little Liars~!! Especially the character Hanna Marin portrayed by my current favourite actress, Ashley Benson!

Photo credits: http://www.entertainmentwallpaper.com/download/20025520/
Photo credits: http://pretty-little-liars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Tv-pretty-little-liars38.jpg
The show revolves around the lives of four bestfriends; Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery (in order according to the image just above). I just love the plot twists, the character development and also the overall story of the show. It really gives you something to think about. It also makes you question things like secrets, friendships, family, relationships, etc. I won't bore you with the details but to know more just click on the following link. It will lead you to the Pretty Little Liars Wiki :).

Photo credits: http://stuffpoint.com/pretty-little-liars/image/147724/pretty-little-liars-wallpaper/

Photo credits: http://www.go4celebrity.com/pretty-little-liars.htm

Photo credits: http://danishields.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/which-pretty-little-liar-deserves-a-grade-a/