Revamping my life.


Since the very last time I was here I have gained a ton of weight. Like, I regained all the weight that I lost. After the outburst earlier, I finally realized what it was that caused me to do that - self-hating.

I guess being very much alone at a place that I am supposed to call home does things to your emotions & food, being my only refuge & escape, was the only thing I could turn to. Eating my troubles away & eating to ebb the pain. I became my biggest enemy.

So starting tomorrow, I'm gonna start taking care of my diet again. Gonna restart my aerobics routine & I am giving myself 2 months before I weigh & measure myself. I hope I can do well this time :) 

Starting date: 27 April 2015
Due date: 28 June 2015

I am hoping to at least lose 8-10 kg & 2-3 inches of my waist (all from my regaining the weight). I was 51.5 kg & 24.5 inches at my lightest. So I aim to be at least 55 kg & 25 inches by June 2015. Wish me luck! <3




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