I have no work today!! Yippee~~ Hehe..I guess my supervisor still wasn't expecting us to start work yesterday. Psst! She actually forgot! LOL. Well my first day of practicals was actually okay. Got introduced to the staff there, had a tour of the coffee factory and yes, was given the first task; make a product catalog. Haha! I feel like I'm a marketing major instead of a food science major when our supervisor handed us the task. Haha XD. The task is for both me and bestie. Hehe. I just hope we will do well on our first task and impress our supervisor as well as our GM :). We only worked half-day yesterday and were told that we did not need to come in for work today~ Whee~~ XD. I guess that's all for my practical update. More coming soon once Monday rolls around~ Hehe..


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