Day 4

I guess I skipped day 3 huh? Lol. My bad~ It was my first day of practicals so I didn't really have much time to post up anything once I got home. I was just sooooo tired =.=. Anyways, day 4 of my new diet plan has been going well :). I haven't been on the scales yet though. I'm hoping that I will lose some more weight soon. I'm still quite roly-poly (what my siblings and say when we meant round, XD). I just hope to be 55 kg by the end of this month if possible. My long term goal is 48 kg and I know that it is a pretty small number considering I was 74 kg before, but you either go big or go home right? :D But of course I will be taking other things into consideration too. Like if I am satisfied with myself at 50 kg then I'll stop there. ^^. My waist measurement is still 27.5 inches and I am hoping to be 25 inches at the end of this weight loss journey. 

Wish me luck! :D


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