Random post~!!!

I finally managed to rearrange my closet a couple of days ago. I was able to remove the clothes that I do not use anymore (they just got too loose) and made room for more clothes! Yay! My closet is looking pretty empty now but hey, it just means more room for new clothes? Hehe. Shopping spree~!! XD

Lol. I arranged them from formal wear > jackets > hoodies > cardigans/bolero > tees/blouse. But in this photo they all just look bunched up. Haha! The tees were supposed to be arranged according to colour but I guess there weren't that many of them so they all just look randomized ^.^. Hoho~

Also, while cleaning out I found several blouses that big sis gave to me a few years back! They were all in hers and she didn't want them any more so she figured she would give them to me and thought that they would fit. Boy, was she wrong -_-". But guess what? I can fit them all now!! Yay! Hehe. Here are some photos of them~

I don't usually go for floral and frilly but I do love these blouses. Thanks again je~! Oh and before I forget, I also took pictures of my new Cheongsam and the peplum dress that I bought online with big sis.

Here's a photo of me wearing the peplum dress. I was so happy that it fit perfectly and that I didn't have any fat bulges when I wore it! Haha!

I have another Cheongsam (dark pink) but I'll save it for a Chinese New Year post later~ Hehe...


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