My first attempt in making 'Kek Batik'

After putting it off for such a long time, I finally decided to make 'Kek Batik'~! Yay~ Hehe...I went out this morning with my dad to fetch my bro from school before heading to Sunny Supermarket to buy groceries.

I had originally planned to just buy my cereal and low-fat milk (Dutch Lady) but then at the last moment I decided to go ahead and buy the ingredients needed to make 'kek batik'.

It's actually very, very simple~ You just need four main ingredients; Milo powder (220gm), butter (250gm), Marie biscuits (1/2 pack about 250-300gm), sweetened creamer (1/4 of a tin). You can add in a teaspoon of vanilla essence if you want to but I didn't. Hehe. It's only for the aroma and I prefer my cake chocolatey~ I did add chocolate rice on top though.

So first I made sure that the butter was at room temperature before melting it over a low flame. Once it is almost completely melted, I added the sweetened creamer (~1/4 of a tin). You can add more if you want. I didn't want it to be too sweet. Then I added in the Milo powder in batches. Make sure to stir it well to prevent any lumps. Once it has thickened up and is mixed well, I turned off the flame and added in the Marie biscuits (broken into halves or quarters). Stir them around to completely coat the biscuits. After that I just scooped the mix out into a container. Make sure to really pack the mixture tight though~ ^^.

It takes about 4 hours to completely harden but I took it out after just 2 hours. I needed to know how it tasted like! So I cut out a few pieces and had my brother taste-test it. It's a hit! He loves it! Hehe~ I love it! Super smooth and chocolatey~ Next time I'm gonna make some for Momo & bestie to try..hehe...

Sorry for the "incomplete" cake. I only remembered to snap a photo  after cutting it.


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