Month-long wait~

Yesterday I finally got to meet my Momo again after about a month of not seeing him..Huu..Gosh! I really do miss him~ :'(

I've never felt this way before. Not even when I was with my ex. I might have missed him but after a month I kind of gotten used to not seeing him. But Momo is a different case. The moment I left UMS the other day (even before leaving the main gate!) I was already holding back my tears. I guess I just got so used to seeing him. Huhu.

Our meeting wasn't planned. It was actually a sudden decision. Haha. He was going to SSMP to sort out his LI letters and I thought "Wanna meet up?" Haha. When he agreed, I went to ask my daddy. And the best thing is, daddy didn't ask much except "What are you going to do there?" I just told him I wanted to go to SSMP and he didn't ask anymore. :D

I had to control myself from hugging him though, the moment I saw him. Lol. It wasn't a good idea since we were at the foyer. I finally saw his stitches too. Huu. They looked painful, but I'm glad that he is healing up well. 3 stitches to close up his wound. Huu...

I also realized that there were new fans (quite a number of them) installed at the foyer, as well as the new Nescafe vending machine (Joy!). It dispenses hot and cold beverages (Nestea, Coffee, Milo, Tongkat Ali & Ginseng). I haven't tried the machine yet, but I am already loving it! Hehe. Here are a few photos~ (The last photo is one I took while walking around with Momo).

I know that our relationship is still kind of new. But I really do hope we can be together for a long time~ Right, Momo? *wink* Hehe~~ 

It was a sad moment when I had to go back earlier though. Kinda felt like the last day at UMS again but at least I was able to meet him before starting my LI next week~

Love you Momo~ XD


elmo^ said...

I love u too.. T.T

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