Gamer boyfriend~

I know most people would say that a gamer boyfriend is no good for you. But I think the opposite. Don't get me wrong. It's not just 'cause my boyfriend is a gamer, my siblings and I are all gamers. Surprised? Haha. Though my big sis and I are pretty much retired now and only play games when we feel like it, my lil' bro is still an avid gamer. And judging by his character (and his friends')  I think it's safe to say that a gamer guy ain't half bad ;) (minus the bad language, -_-" Lol).

The biggest point is that I wouldn't have to worry about him going out and flirting with girls. He'll just be there, in from of his PC playing a game and the only girls he will interact with are video game characters. Hehe. I admit, sometimes I get jealous of these video game girls. Especially since they are designed in a way to get guys to play games (duh! Why else would a girl wear skimpy clothing to fight or kill something be it in space or a forest somewhere?? *rolls eyes*) But at the end of the day, they are just fictional characters, so yeah, it's nothing. Hehe.

I guess I don't find many problems with having a gamer boyfriend is 'cause I was an avid gamer myself. Though I am more of a console gamer and Momo is a PC gamer, I think I can understand ^.^. I was surfing through some things on Google and I stumbled upon these pictures. And suffice to say, they were the inspirations to me posting this. Lol. All pictures were obtained from Google.


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