Day twenty-two~ (A few hours late)

Day twenty-two: Bullet your whole day.

  • Woke up quite late (Around 10-ish) and got ready to go out with mum and daddy.
  • Went to Centre Point for brunch. Had mi rojak ayam with kit chai panas.
  • Bought a red cheongsam for RM 66.40 (Originally it was RM 94.90. Had a 20% off ^^), a blue striped, short-sleeved formal shirt from Voir for RM 34.50 (Originally it was RM 114.90. Had a 70% discount ^^) and a pair of black pointed flats as my formal work shoes for RM 39.90 at Svesqi (Got a cute red bag & 1 packet of angpaos). All done at Pacific Ngiukee.
  • Bought a 4XL red collared-tee for my little bro and a striped, pink polo tee for my dad (Valentino at 70% off. LOL).
  • Tapau-ed 2 pancakes from Daily Fresh for my big sis & daddy. Got nasi briyani for my little bro. (Big sis & little bro didn't tag along).
  • Dyed my hair "Purple Brown" (L'Oreal). Though you cannot actually see any difference in my hair colour. It just helps to cover up my white hairs which according to big sis & little bro are "eyesores & annoying". LOL.
  • Had 2 cupcakes from Bits & Bites as dinner (chocolate & cappuccino walnut).
  • Texted with love (Momo <3) & had a little misunderstanding but it was resolved. I love you dear~ Muahkxx~
  • Blogged, tweeted, fb-ed...Aaaaaand that's it! XD
P.S. I actually had this post done last night (which was day 22) but just as I was about to post it, my daddy turned the wifi off. Lol.


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