Day twenty-three~

Day twenty-three: 20 facts about you.

  1. Am a Roman Catholic (even if my full name might confuse you).
  2. Comes from a mixed heritage; Dusun, Chinese and Hawaiian.
  3. Often mistaken as the eldest daughter because of my height (my sister is shorter than I am).
  4. My siblings and I all have a slightly different look from each other (you can refer to my previous post to see for yourself); sister = more dusunic, me = more Chinese, brother = more Hawaiian.
  5. Can speak 5 languages (though not superbly fluent in all >.<): English, Malay, Hakka Chinese (some Mandarin), Spanish, Hawaiian.\
  6. Am a Leo (Leo-Virgo to be exact) and very proud to be one!
  7. Love the colour or shades of purple, red, white and beige/cream.
  8. Does not drink coffee (black coffee especially) unless it's from Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Nescafe. But I do love lattes~
  9. Am quite a paranoid person and tend to over-think things and be over over-cautious of everything.
  10. Quite an insecure person and gets hurt very easily but does not like to show it.
  11. Can be very bossy and somewhat of a perfectionist at times.
  12. Values friendship highly. I also cannot tolerate betrayals, cheaters, infidelity and the likes.
  13. Does not cook well (I can cook, but I don't do it often. Hence, I can't cook very well).
  14. Has a driver's license but has no car to drive (LOL).
  15. Am a hopeless romantic! (I'm a sucker for romance and romantic things).
  16. I love plushies!! (Especially sheep plushies~)
  17. Love dark chocolate and ice-cream.
  18. I am a hugger!! I just love hugs~~ ^^
  19. Plays video games. Both PC and console games (Yes. I am a gamer. Or was. Hmm...) Oh! I also watch animes and such XD.
  20. I am actually a very casual kind of girl; no makeup, laid-back, loyal, simple and not high-maintenance kind of girl ^^.
P.S. One more fact about me. I love my Momo~ ^.^


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