Day twenty~ (Late)

Day twenty: The meaning behind your blog name.

If you hadn't already known, the name of my blog is The Cookie Chronicles~ I like cookies, so well, yeah, that's one of the reasons why I chose the name but there are some pretty deep meanings as to shy I chose it in the first place.

Firstly, I want this blog to be somewhat like a diary for me or at least a place for me to rant or vent out my frustrations and such. A healthy way to release some tension without judgmental eyes and critics. I had planned for this blog to be a place where I would pen my thoughts and detail the events in my everyday life as I grow, discover and reinvent myself. Hence, the name "Chronicles".

"Chronicle" means "a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurence"(noun) or "record (a related series of events) in a factual and detailed way"(verb). 

Next, "Cookie". As mentioned earlier, I like cookies ^^ (I love the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! LOL). But in addition to that, I can associate myself to cookies (Okay, now I'm sounding loco~~). I mean, cookies are fragile. They crumble easily and there are so many varieties out there. Not to mention many different preferences. It's like life. Life itself is fragile. Certain things can only be done once and once you screw it up, you can never fix it. Kind of like a crumbled cookie. You can never piece it back together perfectly.

Also, it takes many different, and sometimes unique, ingredients to make a cookie (or cookies, ^^). It's like all the events that we go through in life. All the different flavours (events), spices (memories), recipes (history) and methods or preparing and baking (how you choose to live your life) make up the cookie (your life). Some ingredients are just better and the cookie ends up being a good and delicious one. While others...not so much.

Each ingredient plays a role in determining how the cookie will turn out. The same as every event in life will dictate how a person will turn out to be. So in other words, we are all cookies! (In the making? Hmm...LOL). 

Okay, so all in all I named this blog "The Cookie Chronicles" because I wanted it to mean the events in my life. The things that I went through and am going through. How it shaped me to be who I am today and maybe who I will be in the future. Another way to put it, the life of a cookie (person=me!). ^^


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