Day twenty-five~ (Late)

Day twenty-five: Something that you miss.

I don't really have something that I'm missing now though. Well, at least not tangible things. Most of what I'm missing are intangible like memories and such. Or people. And people aren't things. But I guess you could say that the thing that I am missing now are the memories of when I was back in college a Labuan Matriculation College :'). I just miss everything about being there. Including the water shortages. Haha.

The main gate.

Dewan Mutiara (The Main Hall)

The library
This is the cafeteria between my block (Madani C) and Madani D. I think it was called TM or something. Huu. My memory fails me.
My block! (Madani C)
Just a snapshot of the college grounds. ^.^
I don't remember where I got these images from since I got them back in 2009. Huhu. I'd love to credit the owner of these images so if you are the owner please tell me & I will credit them to you. :)

This last photo however was taken by me using my old Sony Ericsson camera phone on the last day of class in the second semester. Hehe.

I've always referred to this as "Springtime in LMC".


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