Chinese New Year~

Suffice to say that the Chinese New Year celebrations in my home this year was not as lively as it was the year before. I guess it was because everyone was so tired preparing the dishes. Haha! CNY this year was like any other, we all got together to eat on the eve on new year's as it is a tradition. I ate sooooo much! Haha! All out favourite dishes and it just brings back joyful childhood memories~ ^^. When big sis, lil' bro and I all hung out in the kitchen, drinking out Jolly Shandy and just talking about random things, I can't help but think "Wow! We are all grown up now." My! How time flies~ :') The best thing about CNY is that it just brings the family closer and this year (though not as loud as last year) I certainly felt that connection deepen even more~


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