Catching up~

I haven't written in a while~ I guess I was just to lazy to turn my laptop on and type. Huu..Well, anyway, I am here now and I just felt like blogging tonight.

I really don't have much to say except "My industrial training (practical) is starting this Friday!!!!!" Haha. Gosh! I have no idea why I am so nervous about it. It's not like I've never worked before. Even the last time I worked at an accounts company (where my first day was also a Friday) I felt the same way. But that was understandable! It was my first job and I was only 17 back then! Not to mention I was completely alone for the first day. My friend (which my uncle told me to get a friend to work there with me) only started the next week.

But this time, I won't be alone. My coursemate and bestie will be there with me. Yay! However, I am just curious as to why I am feeling so nervous? Maybe it's just anxiety. Yeah. I'm just anxious, I guess. I mean, our senior has made such a good impression on them there that I feel like we will be judged the second we start work. I just hope not. I hope that they will not compare us to him as I know that I am not up to his level. Huhu.

Another reason would probably be that this time round of me working, I will be graded. The last time, I could care less what the boss thinks of me and just as long as I complete my task and work efficiently, he could care less about me too. But this time, everything I do will be graded (I think?). Huu~~

I just hope that I'm just over-thinking things (as usual) and that it's just my paranoia kicking in. I hope dearly that my first day of industrial training goes well without any problems and that for the rest of my six months there, I will be able to do good and make the company proud and not regret taking me in for my practical.


A quick shout out to le boyfie, Momo, and also to my bestie: Good luck on our first day of industrial training this Friday! Let's rock it! XD May God bless us all~ 


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