My posts have been all about the 30 days challenge lately and I think it's due time for me to post something totally not related to it. XD

It's been 6 months and 3 weeks since I started my journey to lose weight. As of now, I have officially lost a total of 15 kg and 6 inches off my waist ^^. I started out at 74 kg with a 34 inch waist and today I am 59 kg with a 28 inch waist! Yay! The journey was long and arduous but it was definitely well worth it.

I have 7 months before my fourth year in UMS and I am hoping to lose the remaining 11 kg and 2-3 inches more off my waist by then. I wish to be 48 kg by the time the seventh semester rolls around. It sounds kind of extreme but you either go big or go home, right? :) So 7 months and 11 kg meaning I have to lose about 0.4 kg per week for 28 weeks. That's pretty reasonable.

Though I have to say I am in the midst of phase three of my weight loss plan: Lose 4 kg by 28th February 2013. I am on Day 1 for that right now and I have about 5 weeks to achieve that. My mini-goal is to achieve 55 kg before I start my internship in March. The remaining 6 kg will be a longer term weight loss goal which I intend to achieve after 6 months. If and when I do achieve that target I promised myself that I will buy a tube dress. Hehe. This is for my own confidence, as well as as a surprise for someone ^^.

I've restarted by daily 1-hour aerobics routines and a stricter 1200 kcal diet. Today was really tiring for me as I haven't had much chance to workout for an hour while I was in the dorms so I definitely felt beat today after my first session. But after completing it, I felt good about myself. It's just like starting over again, only this time I know I can do it better.

I have a much stronger resolution and motivational drive now. Back then it was just to feel good for myself; to shut people up (especially my relatives) about my weight, and also to be able to shop for clothes that fit me much easier. But now I have newer, stronger motivational drives to keep me on track.

1. To prove it to certain people that I can do it - naturally! People just doesn't seem to believe that I did it on my own without the help of all these food supplements or diet products (exp: Herbalife). It just gets so frustrating! So yeah, this time round I just wanna say "Hey you, the one that said you can only do this using diet products, I did it WITHOUT your products" :)

2. To shut certain people up. I'm surrounded by people that think that skinny is beautiful and if you are bigger than them, then you don't even deserve to be looked at. I know that feeling. Having that one friend that always looks down on you just cause you are fat and bigger than her. Not to mention being surrounded by people with that same mentality that judge you based on what size of shirt you are wearing. It's just plain hurtful. So it'll be nice to smack them in the face with this. Hehe.

3. To be pretty and confident for my love. Hehe. He doesn't mind me the way I am, nor does he care much if I lose weight or not, but I want to look good for him. I don't know, I never used to care about things like this before but ever since meeting him and having someone accept me for me (despite my flaws and insecurities) makes me want to be a better person; for him and ultimately, for myself.

4. A promise. I made a promise with someone dear to me, my bestie, that we will be like Hanna and Emily by the time we get into our fourth year of studies. She motivates me just as much as she inspires me to change for the better ^^.

These new drives, in addition to what already motivates me initially, hopefully will push me further and help me be stronger in my resolutions to achieve my goals. Fighting! Jiayou me!


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