The start of the Cookie Chronicles~~

After not blogging for over 2-3 months, you could say that I've lost my writing edge. Huu...It's kind of sad really. So, in order to get my writing back up and running again, I decided to start doing the 30-day blog challenge once more. Yay me! Haha. I mean it is pretty cliche but hey, at least it gives me something to write about while I get used to posting again ^.^.

So here is the list that I decided to challenge myself to comply to. Hehe. I got it from a blog <The Lily Garay Blog> while surfing for random lists on Google. I do hope that this time I will be able to complete it without much difficulties ^.^. I may not be able to post everyday though, since I still have my finals until the 15th, but after that (hopefully) I will be able to post every single day~


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