My new bias! Hot combi + inspiration!

Lately I have listening to a song (Every night) by rookie KPop group EXID (pronounce: EE-EX-eed). This is the only song of theirs that I have heard but I am officially in love with it! It has that relaxed, chill kind of groove to it and it sounds super sexy too! Here's a link to the song on Youtube (EXID - Every Night). P.S. I just love Solji's voice!

Aside from this being my favourite song for the moment, I also fell in love with the whole long-sleeved turtleneck tops + high-waisted shorts that these girls pull off. I mean, turtlenecks have never looked so hot before! Definitely a hot combination. Hehe. :)

Right now, I am just in awe not only of Solji's voice but also her figure! Wow! She is stunning at 170 cm and 50 kg..If only I had her figure~~

Solji (Main singer, leader)
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