Day twelve & thirteen~ (Late)

Day twelve: A photograph of the city you live in.

My beloved hometown: Kota Kinabalu city (formerly known as Jesselton).
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Day thirteen: Your favourite musician and why?

I rarely have a favourite musician since I'm the kind of girl that likes a song more than the singer most of the time :). But among all, I guess one person does come to mind though: David Cook!

David Cook
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The main reason why I love him is his voice. Husky and deep. A voice that makes me melt *melts* Haha! The first song that I heard him sing was "Dream Big" on American Idol. Before that I rarely watched the show. Ever since then, I was hooked. He has a great personality and from the photographs online, I can see that he is a loving person (especially around his family). All in all, he is the whole package ^.^. Voice, looks and heart~ Hehe..

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P.S. Don't worry Momo, I still love you more~ ^.^


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