Day seven~ (Late)

Day seven: Your dream wedding.

Okay, a small heads up before I get started on this post - It's going to be pretty girly! Hehe. I warned you ^.^.

My dream wedding would be one in a church, on a bright sunny morning with my closest family and friends. Followed by a simple brunch outside ^.^. Just like one of my relative's wedding a couple of years ago at Mary Immaculate where she had her wedding mass and after we had brunch at the garden. Short, simple but sweet. Hehe.

I've always loved the traditional white or ivory wedding dresses. I would love to have a dress just like this one by Demetrios-Illusions. Halter, fitted, flowy, ruffles & floral...Hehe..The perfect wedding dress to me ^.^.

I'd prefer having my hair up like this:

Just simple, elegant and timeless ^.^.

I'd love for the overall colour theme of my wedding to be white. I've always, ALWAYS dreamed of having a traditional white wedding ever since I was just a little girl. But too much white can be quite blinding so a white wedding with soft hues of pink would be nice. Hehe. Pretty girly but hey, it's MY dream wedding. Lol. I'd love for my bouquet to be something like this; soft and sweet colours to go along with the romantic occasion *melts*. Haha.

All in all, I just want a simple wedding. One where I can just be with my love, family, relative and friends; people who really care about me. I don't need a huge reception just a small wedding in church and a dinner reception plus one more at the kampung. Hehe. Nothing extravagant, we need to be realistic too ^.^.


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